CAT FIGHT: Always a bit of fun, especially as a distraction from more depressing things happening elsewhere. The subject again is the demise of the Pill, as autopsied by the Prague Post. (Also see Scott MacMillan today.

I shake my head too a bit at the negative carping directed at the Pill. Guilty as they were of many things, most of them were what made the paper fun to read. Sophomorish? A lot of that bile was not unwittily written, although a more damaging criticism would be the tendency to humorlousness - always fatal. Short-lived? Those people no doubt held up the Prague Post as the very thing they despised most: a long-lived, risk-averse, middle of the road respectable publication that keeps plugging along.

Their short lifetime was part of the DNA of the whole enterprise from the start. They've got nothing to complain about, except maybe the way Koyen and Zaitchik took credit for the whole thing and swanned off back to New York to dine out on their exotic expat experience, to oos and ahs about how they toughed it out here in the wild east more than a decade after the Velvet Revolution. That would piss me off, too.

UPDATE: Speaking of a cussing match, lots of free entertainment on's bulletin board on the subject.

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