I just want to say I'm thankful on this day and at this time for the Internet, without which, exiled here in central Europe as I am, I would never have been able to read this:
Inside the [county registrar's] office, about 40 people were conducting business or waiting around an hour before Schwarzenegger's arrival. Some were couples about to be married — one woman wore a bridal gown — who heard he was on his way.

"You know what? He has to get in line," said Albert Chang, who was waiting to file his candidacy papers for the board of the Rowland Unified School District. "I'm first."

Somehow I don't think there was a fight over it. But what a gift, what manna, what good fortune for all of us all that this story has come along now in the deadness of August. And like many I'm looking forward with delicious anticipation to the prospect of listening in on the amused disdain of European voices, aghast at the latest American vulgarity.

Note: This is clearly a case of California coming to its senses, rather than the other way round. When was Gray Davis elected Governor? You might take that as the date when the state went off its rocker. How else can you explain the decision to vote in a man that is so ... galactically repellent!? Just look at that cherubic little Timmy smile, isn't he cute! I'll give you a dollar if his dog wasn't named Lassie. Those adorable dimples - I just want to pinch his little cheeks! (Either that or put my hands around his neck and give him a big "hug"). The original perma-pressed man, himself. Judging by performance, clothes don't make the man in this case, and furthermore, the Peter Principle is once again confirmed.

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