OH, I'M A YANKEE-DOODLE PRAGUE-BLOGGER: Wanted to mention Kybersmok's interesting cerebration of a few days ago (also mentioned by Petr B) on what to call a Prague-based blogger writing in English.

He's not quite happy with "anglopražští bloggeři," nor "Anglicky píšící bloggeři z Prahy," and certainly "Anglicky píšící, z Prahy blogující bloggeři" would be a little long-winded.

It's true I call this site pragueBlog, and I have reflexively been referring to any animal blogging from around these parts as a 'pragueblogger.' I'm not sure I'll have any inspired ideas for Czech equivalents, but I'll give it some thought.

(P.S. I switched my Blogger encoding settings to central European just now. It should mean that if your browser is set to that encoding also the diacritics above will display correctly. For me it does. Please let me know if it looks otherwise...)

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