ABSOLUTE EVIL: I can't not link to this interview with John Burns of the NYT:
We now know that this place was a lot more terrible than even people like me had thought. There is such a thing as absolute evil. I think people just simply didn't recognize it. They rationalized it away.

And they are still busy happily rationalizing it away, that and 9/11 as well.

For some reason or another, Mr. Bush chose to make his principal case on weapons of mass destruction, which is still an open case. This war could have been justified any time on the basis of human rights, alone.

But apparently human rights mean little or nothing anymore, and they pale in importance to party politics.

I don't want to be pious about this, but for a journalist to present himself as a hero in this situation is completely and totally bogus.

There is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to considering the biggest ass among "hero" correspondents in the recent war, but here is my choice.

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