DOONESBURY on outsourcing. Garry Trudeau has picked up on the "controversy" over outsourcing that made a small ripple around the blogosphere a few months ago. See how clunky and slow the mainstream jokers are? If I had to predict where Trudeau's going with this, it would be to show how callous and unfeeling are the U.S. business owners who move various operations offshore to save money, and how the foreign workers who benefit are exploited by receiving lower wages than their US counterparts.

That this became an issue at all is equal parts funny and sad. It's even funnier because outsourcing, especially in IT, has been a fact of life for years and years. Back then, none of the bloggers/IT types now feeling some real job insecurity were complaining about outsourcing as a moral issue. When your job and SUV are threatened, suddenly economics becomes morality. That's rich.

What were these same bright things doing when blue collar auto workers, textile factory hands and consumer electronics workers were complaining about the loss of jobs to Asia and Latin America? Not giving a damn, or regarding their "Made in the U.S.A." patriotism with faint embarrassment. Now they've grown fat and complacent and used to thinking of their ridiculously high salaries as a birthright rather than a hindrance to US competitiveness. When an Indian (or Czech for that matter) provider can do the same job as you, for a fraction of the cost, you've got a problem, pal. It's easy to spot the people with no future: they're the ones making wry, sardonic jokes about those bastard owners moving jobs offshore, rather than adapting to the inevitable changes.

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