HURRICANE HUBUB: From Adventures in Bureaucracy (who has the day off today):
I think the government usually goes by the Metro system, and they're closing that at 11 a.m. Apparently the winds are supposed to gust above 40 mph, which could blow people off platforms and in front of subway trains. In a city full of lawyers, that's probably a prudent move by Metro.

Hehe. On the other hand, lawyers are so thick on the ground there, their population needs a good thinning out.

Washington has a sensitive soul when it comes to weather. The summer humidity, which would simply exterminate the population of France if recent events are anything to go by, doesn't qualify because you tend not to notice it much as you go from air-conditioned apartment to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned underground parking to air-conditioned office to air-conditioned restaurant etc. But let Mother nature roll over in her sleep and rumble a bit and you could use the general panic as a backdrop to a Hollywood disaster movie.

How well I remember a couple of winters back when I lived there when big storms dumped 12 inches of snow on D.C. overnight and life came to a standstill. During one, future convict and crackhead Mayor Marion Berry was out partying in San Diego where the Redskins were about to play in the Super Bowl. He was so coked up he couldn't handle dealing with something as abstract as snow in a faraway place when he was living it up in sunny southern California. Without its peerless leader, the D.C. government snapped into inaction and no snow plows were dispatched. It later came out that something like only two were operational.

It was fun strolling the carless streets and enjoying the silence, I'll say that. The only downside was listening to anyone from the snowy north who'd tell anyone that would listen how this was nothing, man, back home etc. and so on.

Note to AIB: make sure you locate your can opener before the lights go out. You won't make much headway trying to gnaw open that can of tuna.

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