I ran across these valuable Czech language learning resources:

1. The "Pimsleur Approach". Features:
  • "What Spies Use to Survive and Cope Overseas."
  • "Start speaking Czech within 30 days or receive a full and courteous refund."
  • 2. The "Unforgettable Languages" Method. Features:

  • "As seen in Newsweek!"
  • "Lock a word in your memory in 10 seconds!" Example:

    The Czech word for

    SALT is SUL
    (pronounced sool)

    Imagine selling your SOUL
    for a packet of SALT.
  • 3. And last but not least, "How to swear in Czech," so that you always have something to fall back on if the waiter, policeman, metro ticket inspector or border control officer doesn't understand the gurgling sounds you've learned to make in the first two options.

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