It's Payback Time: CIA leak inquiry opens. Well, this should be entertaining. A fight between spies and White House scoundrels. May the "best" side win. The CIA still smarts from being called girly men by the White House over Iraq when they originally suggested Saddam didn't pose an imminent threat. They are feeling confident, obviously, in the way they are coming after this. (Strange that it took a while - the Plame naming happened some weeks ago). But they are choosing their moment well, with the slings and arrows of fortune landing more dings on the White House than misses lately. Wow, Josh Marshall must be in hog heaven these days. Keep at it! I want to know a) who the leakers were and b) who were the spineless six journos to whom they leaked? Come out, cowards, and get it over with.

Steve | 18:08 |