LOST MY APPETITE: Thanks to Nicmoc and his revelations about Paneria. I'd have to be on the point of starvation before I go in there again.

Speaking of sandwiches, I went to Subway last week. Bottom line: very, very good; they are pushing the envelope on prices.

My full size sub and drink set me back 150 Kc. The Express Sandwich people are sticking with their lunch menu deal of 89 Kc, which is the benchmark for most of the other fake fast food joints in Prague. The Subway sandwich is significantly better, liberally stuffed with stuff. They'll have to differentiate themselves on that basis, which means it will live off tourists and discerning Czechs.

Such as the extremely rotund Czech man who was getting his sandwich ahead of me. I haven't seen the look of anticipation light up somebody's eyes like that in a good while. He was almost panting. The 20-something fellow in the Subway uniform making up the sub was conscientiously asking him at each condiment, "some of this?" which was driving Jumbo crazy. They were speaking Czech, and the younger guy was struggling with it. Finally, big boy blurted out, "don't you speak English?" What a relief! The Subway man is an American. Smiles all around, standard enquiries of what part of the states are you from, you speak English really well, I spent many years in the states, oh really what part? etc. We learned that the customer's favorite food stop in the US was Subway. And he wanted the A1, Deluxe jumbo mega-sandwich with everthing. "Just put everything you've got in there," he said. "I'm gonna eat tonight...." Heartwarming, really.

The Subway man turned out to be one of the franchisees. I chatted with him a bit and he said his brother works for the Subway corp. in the states and the two of them cooked up the idea to open a branch here. They have already sold a second franchise for Prague, and he revealed that the franchisees are considering the I. P. Pavolova/nam. Miru area - which is near enough to me. If you stop in there, please put in a kind word for Vinohrady as the next location.

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