Anti-A/Anti-S II: I just took a quick look at the Independent, and noticed on their discussion page a category called USA. Here are the discussions listed under it:
American Broadcast News makes you stupid [4]
American ignorance [96 new of 134]
On what basis, exactly? [313 new]
Why are Americans such cowards? [58 new of 1344]
Convince me about 9/11 conspiracies... [22 new]
Press Freedom [43 new]
US? Sick country with a SICK leader... [332 new]
God bless America - for 3 reasons [230 new]
Real Peace Plan for the USA [176 new]
Arnold was born in Austria, but ... [115 new]

Well, if there's anything worse than being talked about, it's not being talked about. I guess.

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