BLOOPY: "THE MAGIC IS GONE." The moment comes - inexorably. The romance, the foggy delight of early infatuation and the sense that time has stood still...all are eventually vanquished by the cold return of reality. For this young blogger, the truth was bitter, but, one hopes, liberating:
...and with the same sickening sense of horror that you feel when you finally enter this mentally-deranged person's study and realize that you've been trying to hook up with a precious moments figurine collector, the other day i was wandering thru tesco's grocery store and finally uncovered europe's evil, morally-repugnant secret - it has, like, one of the shittiest breakfast cereal selections i've ever seen. . .

I simply couldn't agree more. There were muted cheers in my household when something resembling a cornflake could be purchased, beginning a few years ago, in a box bearing the trademark "Kellogg's". But you know it's made in Germany or someplace, and it's not really the same. This all just explains so much when you think about it.

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