FLAG WAVING: Did you see the kerfuffle over the Texas high school band that gave a thoughtful "Visions of WWII" halftime performance during a football game? The choreography included a Nazi flag waving about and the musical selection tastefully offered up "Deutschland uber alles".

I know a lot of people are getting huffy about this, bloggers not excepted (see the vaporous comments at that site). Me, I'm laughing over here. This is from the "well, what's new?" drawer. The operative word is Texas. The town in question - really - is Paris, Texas. Excellent movie, by the way. Texas to me is a great slab of foreignness. They still think they are an independent republic, and they have their power grid, which is sinister enough and downright unpatriotic. I may be misinformed, the state might have some great things to offer, but really, I'm sure I have way more in common with your average Praguer than Texas style Parisian.

The crowd at the football game in question, to their credit, took issue with the entertainment and if there had been a supply of ripe vegetables at hand I am sure they would have been put to good use. It seems the band was surprised at the negative reaction - it had gone down well in a previous performance. Just try to imagine an audience watching appreciatively while some dancer minced around the field waving a great big swastika at the moment all those fresh faced kids struck up the tune. I find it hard to accept the possibility that they may not have even known what it was....

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