GROAN THE FIRST: Oh, the agony. Only mitigated by my transfixation (according to Dr. Cerny) with the interfering fan (I don't wish to add his name to the four billion iterations of it already out there on the web). I do feel sorry for the guy. He's a true fan, a regular guy; he coaches little league baseball! Aw. And Chicagoans are indulging in a hate fest, all directed at the Fan. As a result, my temporary surge of mild sympathy for the Cubs has evaporated like a puff of breath on a mirror. I suppose it was Fan's fault that the Cubs pulled off what will go down in history as one of the great, all-time chokes? What was that - about 23 runs in one at bat? I think we ought to be asking how these choke artists got this far in the first place.

Steve | 11:24 |