I went to bed last night with the cheering news of the Red Sox' victory. "Now all I need to be in a really good mood," I thought, "is to wake up and hear that Arnie S. has won." I turned on the tv this morning and before the picture fired up I heard Gray Davis' irritating voice saying he thanked California for the "great honor they had bestowed on him...." OH NO! God - the bastard survived! But no, wait! What's this? It's his...concession speech!! Woo-hoo!

Every now and then we need these little revolutions. I wish Arnie the best. I think he's got a chance. But savor for now how self-loathing anti-Americans everywhere (see previous post) will twist and spin and grimace and fume and sneer at it all.

Have to go to Frankfurt for three days and plunge into the famous, enormous Frankfurt Book Fair for client meetings. These events are exhausting. You could be anywhere for all you see of the local landscape. Not looking forward to it, but at least once back there's a baseball game or two to look forward to. Anybody going to stay up to absurd hours to watch any of it?

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