My brother teaches at a high school in Salem, Oregon. Today he looked out of his classroom window and this is what he saw:
More than 25 police officers — including SWAT team members armed with assault rifles, and a K-9 unit — descended upon south central Salem shortly before noon Tuesday, responding to calls of an officer under attack and a potentially armed suspect on the run.

This is both funny and sad. The perps were wanted in a murder. They were observed going into a house in the quiet, suburban neighborhood. During the arrest, one skedaddled and officers gave chase leaving one poor cop alone with the second one. Doing the math, the perp and an 18 year old girl also present realized that they had him outnumbered.

The girl commenced vigorously kicking the poor cop's shins while Mr. Model Citizen tried to wriggle free. The cop called for "backup" and got the entire real life cast of Cops and Law and Order.

My brother said, "...we saw cops in full military gear, camo, helmet, flak vest, assault rifles...." About this time, an announcement came over the school PA from the principal (sounding slightly hysterical) that a man with a gun was on the loose nearby and the school was now under "lockdown", thus evoking a charming image of a maximum security prison. Students screamed and, opting for their own form of "headdown", dived under desks. In all, seven schools were buttoned up this way while the drama raged, traumatizing hundreds of kiddies and granting wish fulfillment to hundreds more fed on a diet of violent tv, violent computer games and nutrition-free junk food.

That "potentially armed suspect"? Didn't have a gun.

BONUS POINT - to anyone who can find the charming colloquialism used in the graphic in the link above to denote someone attempting to obtain assistance from a motorist in getting his ass the hell out of Dodge.

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