First read Teekay's take on one of these introduction agencies that put Czech women together with western wife-shoppers. It's called "Hand in Hand".

Then, for a good belly laugh, click the link "Article from Prague" where they reproduce a Prague Post piece about them. They think the article, one assumes, is some kind of endorsement. And perhaps for a certain sort it is. When I read it, I laughed out loud. The proprietor is one Joe Weiner, he is from New York and an older fellow, retired once already. He came to Prague, he saw an opportunity, he took it. Here's Joe (please imagine the following in a thick New York accent; I'm seeing a cigar in the picture):
In the Czech Republic, all the women are good-looking. And they're not feminists. They're quality women!

Lovely. Read further, and the one and only actual successful real live pairing we hear about occurs when an American guy picks up his Czech date, promptly crashes the car, and she ends up in the hospital with a head injury!

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