G.A. Cerny has news of the resurgent story of an Atta - Prague connection. Why did he so urgently have to be in Prague on May 30 when his Czech visa would not be ready until one day later? One suggestion I've seen was that he had to leave Germany on that day as a condition of his German visa. Foreigners often go on a short trip out of country if their visa limits them to three or six months at one time. On return they get a stamp and another few months. In Atta's case, I don't know. He couldn't enter through immigration without a Czech visa, and so he couldn't get a stamp showing he was out of the country. But maybe you don't need it. On his return to Germany he could probably get a new stamp anyway.

But I don't buy it. The fucker was up to something in Prague. And the bottom line here actually is that the FBI and CIA are covering their pathetic asses by not telling the Czechs what they know in order to hide an Everest-sized pile of intelligence failures stretching back years and which we have in large part to thank for September 11.

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