Harry Shearer, voice of several Simpson's characters and former synchronized swimming partner of Christopher Guest, has a radio show called "Le Show". Ever heard of it? It's a labor of love, apparently. It's broadcast on a modest number of public stations, but he makes it available over the web.

At times it drags just a tiny bit, at other times he insists on playing records. But once you pick up his wavelength, it's very, very funny.

The best part is the weekly feature called "Apologies of the week". I'm hoping this story makes it into that segment. A German member of parliament made a speech in which he accuses "Jews" of complicity in the deaths of millions of people, including fellow Jews. Once the shit hit the fan, he pulled the classic non-apology, regretting if anyone out there took offense at his remarks. He didn't mean nuthin, shucks.

That's one for framing.

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