THE KING. Good old Larry King. It's another cost/benefit of being ill for a whole weekend - catching up with major media. Well, I know there's little excuse for that. But I remember Larry King from his days as a wee hours radio man. I associate that voice with AM radio, driving home at 2 a.m.

Have you seen his promo piece, run ad infinitum on CNN? Swift shots and cuts of famous celebrities swoop in and out, then Larry: "A great interview - is when the subject responds to the question asked!" Next cut, Jodie Foster: "Oh my God - what a question!"

More cutting. Then Larry to Celine Dion: "Is it an EMOTIONAL HIGH for you??" Celine: "It is!"

Whew. The subject responded to the question asked!

This weekend old Larry interviewed Tom Jones. Now, Tom's all right by me. He's got a sense of humor, and not a PC bone in his body. Larry tried his hardest to get Tom to tell a tale of woe involving drugs or booze, maybe expecting to hear a showbiz story of redemption in return. Not a bit of it. Larry got an earful of cheerful drinking stories instead.

Highlight: Larry asks Tom Jones what kind of music he likes to listen to (ref.: Interview 101, Lesson One, Getting Started). Tom starts reeling off a list of artists he likes. Larry cuts in and wonders if Tom likes that one, you know that kind where they just talk it, they're just talking. What's that called?

"That's called Rap, Larry."

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