MacMillan said yesterday that if the election were held now, he would "vote for Wesley Clark in a snap, despite his plasticman appearance." I started replying, got scared the comments app would liquidate my efforts, and switched over here.

I said: Really? You trust Clark more than Dean? Clark the johnny come lately Democrat who was making ass-kissing speeches for the Republicans until very recently and only became a D to get revenge on Karl Rove for not returning his calls? Not exactly the courage of one's convictions. He's trying on ideas and positions like suits of clothes in a hurried attempt to find something that goes together coherently. If he actually dressed like that he'd look like he shopped at jumble sales.

It really mystifies me that Josh Marshall and Gary Trudeau et al are treating him like a messiah. Literally the only discussion on the man I've seen can be boiled down to this: "well, whatever else you say about Clark, one thing's for sure: his national security credentials are impeccable!" It seems a rather pathetically immature and petty sentiment, as if to say, "look! We have our own tough guy soldier man now, and he was really in a war, so there! Look at all his medals! Has Bush got any of those?" Since when do we elect soldiers as Presidents? There has only been one General ever to hold that office whom we now regard as great. He just happened to be the first, and he did his greatest service to the country before actually getting elected. In office, he didn't do much and wasn't particularly well liked.

But answer me this: think back to the war. Wesley Clark was a scrubbed and shining media star for I-forget-which network, making lots of money giving nice armchair analyses of the action just like a gung-ho former athlete commenting on Monday Night Football. Now he tells us that all along he thought the whole thing was a big mistake? That's just a bit sleazy, in my humble opinion. And slippery, and flip floppy and transparent as hell. In other words, he ain't no different from any other professional politician, so we can dispel right here the notion that he's somehow pure, untainted and new.

I hate say this, but he just reminds me of say anything, be anything Bill "Zelig" Clinton (for whom I voted twice). AND he himself said he spoke with Bill and Hilary to get their blessing. Imagine if he got in to the White House. Another focus-group obsessed Arkansas boy, getting coached by Clinton and having cozy chats with Hil? FUJ! Resume hound. I'd vote for Dean 100 times before Clark. I think. And, thankfully, the election is not being held today, so we all have the opportunity to see how these guys do when the kitchen really heats up. Which is the whole point, right?

Hey, that was my first presidential election post.

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