On Hardtalk last night there was a pleasant looking grandmother debating a Republican congressman via video link. The woman forcefully argued that the demonstrations planned for President Bush's London visit are urgently needed. She repeated, mantra-like, that the war in Iraq was an "unjust and criminal war against a sovereign country."

At the end of the contest, the lady had drawn the most blood. Her eyes fair flashed with fiery indignation as she grabbed the moral high ground and held it. How dare the US crush a soveriegn country under its heel and drag Britain into it against her will? Mr. Republican was almost deferential to her, repeatedly allowing himself to be interrupted by Timmy Sebastion and the grey-haired terrier. I kept thinking, why is he being so polite? Americans don't argue well.

To demonstrate against the removal of Saddam Hussein. Jesus wept. This is a pathology. It still boggles my mind, even as the strength of the loony tunes brigade flags. Yet still today there will be tens of thousands of people demonstrating their heartfelt view that the Iraq war was unjust and an act of naked agression and a war crime and on par with the Holocaust and all the rest of it. They will do this by taking to the streets and waving signs and shouting a lot.

The Bush=Hitler crowd have very good reason to be shouting so loudly. They are trying desperately to drown out those annoying Iraqi voices that keep butting in with inconvenient messages.
tell your friends in London that G in Baghdad would have appreciated them much more if they had demonstrated against the atrocities of saddam. And if you could ask them when will be the next demonstration to support the people of north Korea, the democratic republic of Congo and Iran?

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