ONE WELL DRESSED BABE: Another newly discovered Prague blog? Not exactly. It's the infantofprague blog, offering occasional updates on happenings among the world's population of those miraculous baby Jesus statues.

Take this post, for example. An Irish blogger reminisces:
“The thing about Child of Pragues (sic) was that the statue was so cheaply made that the head would inevitably break off, the neck being the weak point in the design. . . . Irish kitchen drawers and garages are full of decapitated zombie Child of Pragues (sic).”

Infantofprague blogger "The Holy Infant" thinks that story is "kind of creepy, but precious nonetheless. (And what about the Infant of Prague isn’t precious?)." Indeed.

And I can't quite resist one more:

The Infant of Prague can be visited at his home on the web at a site maintained for the Church of Our Lady of the Victory.

They even have photographs of the Carmelite Sisters changing his dress!

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