Thought I would catch last night's Scotland - Holland match in a sports bar, and Jagr's was closest at hand. Scotland had won in the first leg, and I like these David and Goliath stories.

In the event, the place wasn't even full and there were about two Scotland supporters. No tartan army, to my disappointment. No orange grove, either, or whatever the Dutch supporters call themselves, but some plain old ex-pats and Czechs, all of whom cheered for Holland. I don't know why the Czechs wanted them. Maybe they had money on the game.

I have never seen a more thorough destruction of an opponent in any contest. It was 6-0, but could easily have be 9 or 10 zip. I didn't see Scotland make a single shot on goal. They were hypnotized.
...the majority of the Scots had the unmistakable look of men suddenly confronted with the realisation that they had strayed into a place where bad things were likely to happen.

On Monday they upset the Dutch 1-0 probably because they didn't really believe they had a chance. That can free you. Last night they suddenly realized they were in over their heads. Result - deer in the headlights.

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