AND THERE WAS MUCH NO REJOICING: Via Sullivan, this comment on Howard Dean's campaign blog from a supporter:
I can't believe this. I'm crying here. I feel that we now don't have a chance in this election.

Carrie B.

And then a little further down,

I'd like to remind folks to keep in mind...

The press is reading.

Musn't make it too obvious what we really think. Some of the other posters sound similar warnings, while others speculate that the Carrie B. type postings are partially the fault of provocatuers. If you care to page through the whole thread, you will see a conversation predominantly among people consoling themselves on a setback and exhorting each other to keep the faith. On the day after Saddam Hussein had been captured and humiliated before the world.

Dean's speech, the snippet I saw anyway, was subdued and quiet. He expressed approval that Saddam had been captured, and allowed that this was Bush's day. But it was grudging. He never cracked a smile and looked a little tired. Here's his statement.

Joe Lieberman reacted correctly, expressed actual jubilation, and you believed him. And he only spoke the truth: If Dean had been President, Saddam would still be in power today.

And this: "This evil man has to face the death penalty." He doesn't want an international body to have anything to do with it, and says if the Iraqis can't agree to impose death, he should be tried by the US and executed. What he said.

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