Dougiegyro and Bloopy put their money in that place in which their mouths are located. Good stuff, that's a nice thing you did guys.

I knew Bloopy was looking around for a worthy charity for some Christmas giving, and I meant to get this link to him to consider but I was too late.

Oh well, there's always next year and another opportunity to donate some
Beanies for Baghdad. (Do the scroll down thing.)

At first I thought this was about sending ... ahem ... beanie babies (it's embarassing to say, write or think that) in care packages to the troops. Interesting concept. On foot patrol by day dodging RPG rounds? What better way to unwind back at the barracks than by rearranging your (those things) collection?

But no. Beanie moms are exhorted to donate their floppy little friends to the kids of Iraq, a worthy idea to be sure. So, now I kind of feel bad about thinking of making fun of it. Never mind.

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