I keep forgetting to mention the nice party at Tulip Cafe last week for Amnesty. It was well attended but not a rugby scrum. That was an advantage for the attendees, although I hope Amnesty made a nice little sum for its budget. There was free flowing Bernard pivo, trays of very good food, including some funkly little oven baked things that from a distance looked like chocolate chip cookies made with green M&Ms but which on closer inspection turned out to be sort of potato cakes with peas and other bits. Excellent. MacMillan called them bubble and squeak. The music was good, the belly dancer shimmied up a storm but the best part was the emcee chappie with the pork pie hat who did a mean immitation of Bill Nighy's character from the embarrassing movie Love, Actually. He also sounded a bit like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, for that matter.

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