MAN OVERBORED: I wonder how many Blogspot blogs finally jumped ship yesterday while waiting around for Blogger to resolve its problems. Far as I can tell it was out of order all day. Norm Geras gave up. This new blogging service is called Typepad. What are the economics of taking on Blogger/Google, about to go public in a galactic sized IPO? Who knows. Typepad wants $4.95 a month for their basic package. What a cheap/lazy sod I am for not jumping on that. It includes XML syndication, which I really want to add. But Eurosavant tells me that Blogger may add it to the basic service for free. Hm. Shall I stay around for it? He uses this RSS reader, by the way. Simply, everybody should be doing it.

Eurosavant, by the way, today covers Klaus' anti-EU constitution stance.

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