Words of a true statesman:
One cannot become a member of the European Union and want to start this membership with a veto.

Gerhard Schroeder

Fine. Not a bit politics going on there. That's just common sense, and has nothing to do with the fact that Germany (and France) in their arrogance never imagined finding themselves in the absurd position of having only a few votes more than Poland (Poland, I ask you!), who, after all, was one of those countries who missed a good opportunity to shut up a while back.

Nothing new under the sun, isn't that about it? Tell me if I'm wrong. France and Germany, with the blood of the stability pact already on their hands, are about to do in the constitution over the voting issue because it threatens their primacy. Some people are probably hoping that something like that will happen anyway.

Yawn. Please note that I have broken protocol to mention the EU. I can make such an exception very occasionally, and only in mid-day when I am most alert and thus the risk of spontaneous trance is minimal.

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