Andrew Gilligan's resigned. A few posts down, I commented that the people involved in the whole affair seemed to be behaving at least with dignity.

I take that back. What a scumbag. What a miserable, self-righteous worm Gilligan is. He should have been fired long ago. If he had a shred of self-respect he would have been the first to resign after the Hutton report. He'd go quietly instead of grandstanding and making howlers like
This [Hutton] report casts a chill over all journalism, not just the BBC's.

All journalism, got that? A reporter gets caught telling lies, his editors cover it up and their bosses stonewall it. Er, isn't that the part casting a chill over journalism, big boy?

The BBC itself is still obsessing over its humiliation. I've been watching it almost exclusively over the past four days and some Hutton related resignation or interview figures up high nearly every hhour. Moderator after moderator tries to get interviewees to say that what's really going on is an attack on the BBC's indepedence. The imho infallible and somewhat unearthly Mishal Husain got put in her place by a media analyst today. And the guy was no fan of Blair. The fair Mishal kept pressing the man (in that way she has, you know?). I paraphrase:

"But surely the result of this report will be an erosion of the BBC's independence." (Without any trace of the usual BBC viper's hiss, but then that's Mishal.)

"Look, you're completely missing the point. None of this would have happened if the BBC had got its facts straight in the first place. And it would never have got out of control if the organization had done its job when the matter first became an issue. The proper reaction to this affair is to do good journalism, full stop. It's not to complain an erosion of independence!"


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