BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Gervais leads UK comedy push: "The Office, which has been lapped up by a small but loyal following on BBC America, was up against all-American thoroughbreds such as Sex and City and Will and Grace."

Was up against and carried on and whupped some ass! I bet all 12 episodes of the Office cost less than one episode of Sex and the City. Watch it by all means.

Of course the US version will suck. Despite Gervais being involved in it. The track record of translating foreign stuff into American is disgraceful. Importing works a lot more often, as anyone who has ever said "this is a dead parrot" knows. I know of only one successful translation of a Britcom into the US market. Most people aren't aware that "All in the Family" was based on a British program.

The humor of the Office is so specific to British culture, despite the generic, soulless office setting, that I can't imagine where an American version would start. You want to see something American that's passable and in the same genre see Office Space.

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