Can't resist pointing to this very good article on the bone-headed idea to fingerprint and photograph visitors to the U.S. from a selected group of countries.
U.S. VISIT simply has not selected its targets well. Among the 28 countries exempted at this point from U.S. VISIT are France and Britain, historically two hotbeds of Islamist terrorism, and Germany, temporary home to several 9/11 terrorists. This is a huge hole: French nationals have been discovered in several al Qaeda-linked groups, yet they would be waived from fingerprinting and photographing. Meanwhile, allies South Korea and Taiwan, countries with no history of terrorism, are not exempted.

What'd they do? Throw darts at a map? Imagine the resources being devoted to this program. The man hours, money and management attention; all diverted away from real intelligence gathering, the only thing that has a hope of catching the people we want.

Steve | 13:42 |