CHUCK E.'s INCENSED: I'm a big old Rickie Lee Jones fan. My favorite is probably Magazine. Her latest album I've seen reviewed as her best ever. Haven't heard it yet. It contains a couple of polemics against George W. and the Patriot Act, apparently. Not that these are not eligible targets of criticism, but in talking about them in an Independent interview, she shows why some artists should stick with their artistry when going political. They are that much more ... coherent. On George W:
'He's corrupt, and he's dumb, and he'll destroy us all because he's corrupt and dumb, not because he's corrupt and smart.'

She shakes her head sadly.

'For the world to be destroyed because somebody is dumb - surely, if we must be destroyed, we want to be destroyed by an evil genius! To go from a president like Clinton, an articulate and thoughtful humanitarian - as far as presidents go - to something like George Bush, is...'

Words fail her."

More than words fail her later on in this interview. After establishing that the Patriot Act is "like the Enabling Act of Nazi Germany" (so Hitler just got a bill passed and that was it?), she tells us that on 911 she felt an eerie calm, as if before a storm.

'I think it profoundly changed me. I decided to live with great courage - by which I mean, to come out, to write and talk about what we feel, to try and do good things in the world; to say: "Hey, we're not gonna let these few guys kill us all, are we?' Because I realised that by staying silent, a billion people might have let 500 or so people kill us all. At that moment I thought, I don't go down quietly, I don't go gentle into that good night, without yelling."'

I assume "500 people" means al Qaeda. But a couple of paragraphs up she firmly establishes that it's George Bush that's out to destroy us all. Unless she thinks they're both in it together. At some point in her mind Bush & co. have become synonymous with Osama bin Laden.

We haven't got a chance.

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