CINDY LOU WHO IN THE S.O.T.U: George did that thing at the end of his big speech that politicians just can't resist - bring on the kids. It was the next best thing to pulling a live baby out from under the podium and kissing it, thus formally kicking off his campaign. A little girl wrote to him and asked what she could do to help save the country. "Well, Ashley, go to school, listen to your Mom and Dad, and when you and your friends see a man in uniform, say 'Thank you!'". (Loud cheers). (Ahem, not to mention thousands of women, George, old stick.)

Imagine the groans, the gnashing of molars, the millions of eyeballs rolling in their sockets, the legions of upturned sneers from California to Berlin at that bit of maudlin showmanship. Hee hee.

Too much political "posting" going on these days. As an antidote, be sure to visit Mr. Bloopy.

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