EVIDENCE THAT THE OLD WAYS PASSETH I: There is nothing more dispiriting to someone like me who has lived here and experienced its horrors than the term "Financial Office". Your local financni urad can match any old urad you care to name in malevolent hatred of mankind and all around general cussedness. The people who work there are by and large the same ones who as children caught flies and pulled their wings off.

This why it is not surprising to read the comment of this killjoy from the Plzen branch.
"If employees receive products for free or at a discounted rate, then it should count as income and be taxed...."

C'mon, man. You prissy assholes are going to turn this country into some kind of goody-goody boredom asylum. Like the states. Why do you think people like me stay on here? I don't advocate stealing from one's employer. But dispensing the amber liquid to thirsty employees is just a simple perk. Ending the practice represents a triumph for the Czech fly-wing pullers. Expect more in the future. Sigh.

Steve | 13:28 |