From Prague Post letters, this guy is absolutely right:
To market

The Prague Christmas is terrible and very non-Czech ['Market value,' News, Dec. 24-Jan. 6]. It is nothing but the reselling of products bought at the local gastronomy shop. There was nothing Czech about it. Compared to Bratislava or Dresden or Munich or anywhere else in Europe, it is a flop.

Prague is the only city in Europe that is devoid of national traditions, costumes, national music, national food or anything else Czech. At least in Bratislava, you feel like you are in Slovakia.

The lack of creativity and the sameness year after year after year is astonishing. I heard more music from Peru than Czech music.

I compare this with the Prague of the early '90's, and this is nothing but a resell market for bottled soft drinks and the same old same old sausage and hot wine. How boring.

Marshall Cupp

My visitors over the holidays were polite but not enthusiastic about the Christmas markets on Staromak and Vaclavak. The truth is they're crap. Really. I have also thought so for years. I didn't know the operators were some shady characters until I read the Post article he references in the above letter, but I should have known. I always put it down to lack of imagination in the town hall. There are probably a lot of people out there who could do it much better. But they aren't bribing anybody. Instead, some fat dickhead and his cronies cynically foist the same shit on the city every year. Tell me: have you ever once seen anything worth buying from a single one of those stalls?

Steve | 18:49 |