Hehe: New York City: Vanity Fair Writer Takes On City Rules:
Wearing a disheveled suit and shades, Hitchens squatted on a milk crate in the subway, rode a bike without his feet touching the pedals, fed Central Park pigeons and puffed his way across the city in wheezy protest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's smoking ban.

For all this lawbreaking, he received nary a warning.

And he called Bloomberg a "picknose control freak." I like that.

The law in NYC apparently forbids you even having an "open ashtray" in your office. Even if it's empty. I was recently asked incredulously by a Czech teenager if the open container law really exists in America, or was it some kind of stupid joke. I had to confirm the idiotic truth. I wonder what he would make of this one.

UPDATE: I just mentioned it to my wife and got an earful. Kids dying of drugs and AIDS, people starving and going without medical care and Americans are passing laws about ashtrays? I think she just about nailed it.

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