NICE ICE BABY: Snow is nice and fun and all that, but then rapidly becomes a drag. I had to walk all over Prague yesterday and considering the stuff had fallen a day and a half earlier there might have been a few more clear walkways around. I was slipping and sliding and stumbling and constantly watching my step. It's tiring. It wouldn't even freeze over properly late in the day so you would have a firmer surface at least to walk on. I decided to stroll home through Letna. That was worth it - after dark nobody was around. Very little traffic travelled on the main road off in the distance and the silence was impressive.

It's best to be a dog or a small child in when there is lots of snow. Watch how dogs turn into romping, rolling idiots in the park. Kids' pealing laughter as they slide down slopes is a tonic.

We're not the only ones with winter weather. Out in Oregon much of the state apparently is frozen under a sheet of ice. I remember this phenomenon from when I was growing up there. You would have snow (or even rain) and then wham, the temperature would drop into the 20s. Every inch of every surface becomes encrusted with a layer of ice. Power lines break, limbs snap and the roads become skating rinks. My dad had to walk with ski poles to get to the mailbox. My sister and her family flew back to the states from Paris yesterday, getting as far as Minneapolis. They are spending the night in a motel. The Portland airport is closed for the first time in many years.

Here's a shot my brother sent from his house in Salem.

This is what you get for reading blogs: weather reports and family news.

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