Prima TV tonight at 20:55, catch the Miss Babička 2003 contest. Go, Grannies.

Here's the "Prima" Television page about the event. Suitably brief, but it doesn't tell much about the contest. What are the various discplines in which they compete, for example? I suppose they are spared the swimsuits. And I suspect the moderator won't be asking them what plans they have for their future careers.

Grandmothers in this country are often super-human beings who provide a glue without which many families would fall apart. Many Czech kids seem to grow up with two or three defacto sets of parents, especially when mother and father both work. Such a contest should somehow recognize their contributions to society in this regard. Somehow, I'm seeing a lot of crap about the best potato dumplings and roast pork.

My suggestion: maybe a sort of last-granny-standing type contest in securing a heated tram seat would go down well. Umbrellas and elbows allowed.

Post your own suggestions in the comments if you like.

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