This is an interesting: here's an article that claims Americans increasingly want their news with its particular bias right up front. The Iraq war exposed many people to British media like the beeb and Roberto al-Fisk on a regular basis and they said, "hey, you know what? Our papers are pretty boring. Why can't we have some interesting ones like they do in Britain?"

When I first moved to London and began getting acquainted with the newspapers, from the famous dailies to the tabloids, I remember being slightly shocked at how blatant the slants were, right or left. I would ask my British friends, "how can they get away with that?" But that was a mistake. It was instantly 20 times more fun to read the paper. In many ways, you cannot compare one of the four main British national dailies on a good day to any American paper in terms of readability. The average American paper's news pages are written by a little army of modern day Jack Webbs: just the facts, ma'am. Anything stronger is too dangerous for our readers. Zzzz.

I skim the British news media sites each day first for things that catch my eye. The writing is better, funnier, more provocative and the international coverage is unbeatable. Then I jump over to The New York Times (ho hum), the Wapo (only because I used to live there) and I'm done. I'm all for the American media going a bit more Fleet Street as long as they recruit the people who can stand the heat. Is there any hope, though? I still recall the nausea I felt some years ago while in the states. I flipped on ABC news and realized I was watching a news broadcast...from Disneyworld.

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