UPC should go play in the freeway.

I don't watch much tv other than the major news channels shortly in the a.m. and then again at night. However, over the past couple of years I have come to enjoy flopping down in the chair in the evenings and then flipping over to Turner Classic Movies. For a while they were showing late 60s and early 70s flicks regularly - the kind that are so bad they're good. Man, you could get away with so much more as a director in those days. TCM was a nice little antidote to the formulaic big budget stuff in the cinemas these days. No huge, over the top soundtracks and staccato paced editing. Scenes are sometimes long and meandering, strangely so if you're used to modern movies. I enjoy looking at what people wore then - it reminds me of family photos from back then. How embarrassing, but how interesting. The crowd scenes, the cars, the dialogue are all so 30-35 years ago. I even like the tinny little soundtracks.

During the days the TCM channel was taken over by the Cartoon Network. I have to admit some of those have grown on me a bit. Cow and Chicken (I like the The Red Guy) and Courage the Cowardly Dog have their moments. But the best thing about Cartoon Network was regular doses of Warner Brothers cartoons. I am a Warner Brothers guy. Bugs et al can make me laugh at any time of day or night.

I am using the past tense a lot in the above paragraphs because now my wonderful provider of cable and internet service has gone and dinged these two offerings and replaced them with an execrable children's cartoon program during the day called "minimax," and the single worst music video mess in the evenings that I have ever seen. They didn't even warn me. That hurts.

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