BEEZLEBUB BUSH: I meant to comment on anti-Bushism before this. At this stage I completely agree with Welch that Bush might not like the writing currently displayed on the wall (if he's paying attention). My parents and their friends have always been Republicans, albeit Oregon Republicans, an ornery persuasion. Today I went for a walk with my dad and his cousin when Cousin blurted out, "I'd vote for Beezlebub over Bush!" I understood that to mean that he hated Bush so much he'd vote for Nader if that was the only other choice. I've heard lots of similar comments from mostly life-long Republicans.

Needless to say, all my D acquaintances flinch and grimace with pain whenever Bush's name is mentioned. And I'm a bit more critical of them, to be honest. Republicans have some legitimate gripes with Bush, who got elected on a conservative platform while holding his fingers crossed behind his back.

My Bush despising left-aisle friends on the other hand have bought way too deeply into all the disinformation and hysteria about him that bubbles up from the slime. I've frankly not been surprised to observe that I am better informed on many issues than a good many (very educated) people I know here in Portland.

Changing the subject a bit, the other funny thing I always notice is that some people tell you things and speak in a manner that would be appropriate to a foreign visitor who doesn't know much about the US. Has this ever happened to you ex-pats when you pay a visit home? It's a bit disconcerting when someone points out things to you around your hometown almost like a tour guide would, including maybe the high school where you spent four years as an inmate.... But it's all meant well, so you smile and nod and appreciate the effort.

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