I watched half of that Super Bowl last night at my local sports bar. I ending up leaving because I was getting sleepy at halftime. And I was convinced that New England were going to win comfortably anyway when I saw them receive an absolutely ridiculous decision in their favor on a 4th-and-inches play.

So I missed the second half and what was apparently a mildly interesting game, which you don't expect from the Stupid Bowl. You also don't expect to see Janet Jackson's boob, which I also missed. Now everybody's apologizing for the 'incident' like a bunch of Church Ladies. What is offensive about the female breast, particularly Janet Jackson's? CBS blames MTV, inferring they are sex obssessed, while this year's crop of Souper Bowl ads apparently included three (3) from companies peddling remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Anyway, it wasn't an accident. Why do they pretend it was? I don't see the publicity gain. I saw the whole thing just now on CNN sports, and Justin Timberlake reaches across her chest and clumsily but determinedly grabs a handhold and pulls off the breakaway piece of her costume. And she's got a silver pastie thing going there. Maybe she wears those all the time and maybe not. Let Miss Jackson speak.

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