IS GEORGE HOME? While in Washington last week I tried walking along Penn. Ave., which used to be my regular route home, in front of the Bily dum. You can't actually do that now - the whole block from the Treasury past the White House to the Old Executive Office Building is closed to traffic. A nice young cop stopped me and said I'd have to turn back. This was at the point right between the OEOB and the White House. Just then a very well dressed, distinguised American couple walked up and asked about the construction going on out in front of the OEOB. Gesturing at the big old Victorian pile, the man asked insistently where was the President's office going to be? Both the cop and I gave the guy a "wtf" stare before johnny law pulled himself together and said, "well, I don't really know yet...."

Obviously he's trained not to answer questions like that. But you could see him thinking, "dude, you're like, what, 55? And you've never heard of the Oval Office? Fuck, we haven't got a chance."

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