NO TIME, DOING NOTHING: But it's odd how the limbo of a little time off becomes so time killing. Work, and I can now confim leisure, expands to fill the time available.

I've had my couple of weeks R&R and am about to head over to Montana to go work with an acquaintance. Some people have asked me what's up. It's nothing really interesting, just an ordinary small business that mainly runs itself with the help of a pinch of internet, a dash of fax, and a handful of Mountain Bell, if that's what it's called. I'll just be pinch hitting for a while before returning to Prague.

This little operation is basically location-independent and my acquaintance happens to like the great outdoors of western Montana. I'll be sort of out in the sticks and should get some interesting pictures of deer, moose, black bear and perhaps mountain lions (hopefully not close up) if I have time for that sort of thing.

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