As people who check may have noticed, they updated the article about Alan Levy with new comments, mostly from well-known names like Vaclav Havel etc. Many important names in theater and the arts. The current prime minister.

Mr. Doctor Professor President is ... noticeably absent! They hated each other, it should be said. I remember Levy writing about one of their encounters. Klaus was being his smarmy, oily self until he noticed Levy at the dinner. His nose turned up, and he said, "ah, The Prague Post. There is nothing true written there!" Levy: "what, you mean you don't agree with some things we write?" Klaus: "No, I mean there is nothing true in it! Not one word!"

And, hey wow: Lisa Frankenberg's appreciation piece has unleashed a fusillade of arrows from all different directions - all aimed at her. You've seen them, I'm sure, but here's Scott, Welch, Nicmoc and Cerny. Consensus: more arrows, please. Her tone in distillation: "It's hard to be gracious when you're as important as I am, but I shall endeavor." What fun.

Those long ago days. Man, I can still feel, hear and smell them, even from where I'm sitting out here in the barbaric marshes and desert wastelands of the moronic inferno.

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