Cerny's long snippet from a story about Meeloash Forman and Cuckoo's Nest inspires me to relate another story I heard from a friend, which has the merit of being charming and possibly even true.

I'm sure I have already mentioned this story, but if so it was months ago so it doesn't count.

Said friend (an American) had a meeting in Prague with an older Czech gentleman a year or two ago who had returned after living many years in the US. This gentleman emigrated in the 60s, working in various capacities in the film and entertainment business. As a fellow Czech, he became pals with the little known Forman and they hung out. Another of Forman's early 70s acquaintances was Buck Henry, one of the original writers of Saturday Night Live. It came to pass that Mr. Buck was looking around for ideas for the original season of SNL and one night observed these two Czechs, Forman and his pal, yukking it up at a party. With their wacky accents and 70s polyester extravaganza outfits, they were a couple of wild and crazy guys, if not quite brain surgeons.

If you get my drift. And thus, goes the story, did Milos Forman play a small but important role in the history of live television.

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