MacMillan's amused by Colin Powell's Pottery Barn remark. To me, it's actually not so surprising that he should choose that particular temple of blandness for his break it, own it rule.

I once observed Colin Powell shopping. The place: Arlington, where I then lived; the time: just a few weeks after the end of the first Gulf War. My buddy and I were at the old Sears Home Improvement center on Wilson Blvd one weekend evening. The only other customer was General Powell himself, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time, shopping for lawn mowers. He seemed to know his lawn mowers and was really getting under the hood, so to speak, comparing prices, working the levers, getting the feel of the handle grips.

There's not much more to the story, apart from the fact that when I visited that same friend while passing through D.C. a couple of months ago, we went for a walk up Wilson Blvd to check out our old neighborhood. He pointed out where the old Sears used to be, and reminded me of our Powell sighting back when. As we walked on, I noticed a great big new shopping center across the street, and there, jutting out in a pretty vulgar way was a bright and shiny Pottery Barn.

I guess Colin Powell still does his shopping on Wilson Blvd.

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