Interesting nature fact: deer change color. I'm looking at one out the window right now. A few weeks ago they still had their rather anemic looking winter coats stretched over their scrawny, bony frames. Very light in color and very hard to see against the light brown hillsides which they matched perfectly. Clever Mother Nature. And a hazard to drivers.

Now it's very green here, the grass is growing gangbusters and all the leaves are out and the deer have already made great progress in fattening up. Their coats are a rich tawny golden color which contrasts nicely with their white underbellies and necks. When the sun shines you get very strong contrasts between all the earth tones in view. Which makes the deer - almost camouflaged. No help to the driver.

What do deer do when it's raining - like it's done every day for the past three weeks? They get together in pairs and curl up under trees until it's over, sensibly enough. Horses stand under the trees stoically and wait it out. Sheep won't move until one of them possessing a couple of nano-grams above the average in brain mass decides to head back to the barn. Then you see a mass of streaming sheep all heading in one direction. "Hey, where's he going?" "Beats me, let's follow him." Cattle definitely do not give a damn and go about their business in all weather.

Oh, and all the mares have foaled in the past week or so. Is that how it works - pretty much all at the same time like that? I suppose so. Every horse pasture has a tiny, wobbly little foal stumbling around, all legs. Cute.

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