Out here, when you can't handle country music, and public radio is running its inane children's hour, you can always fall back on Christian radio. It's nice sounding folks talking about their concerns with earnestness and sincerity. They do sound genial and kind, even when, for example,the moderator was gently explaining to the caller that yes, unfortunatly if so and so (now departed) was never saved then it really does mean that he is now in everlasting and unimaginable torment. All we can do is pray.

The moderators sometimes surprise with their erudition. This particular fellow from today has a reasonable acquaintance with Greek and Hebrew. In explaining to a caller why the same word in the original texts can seemingly change form, he attempted to explain the concept of these strange things called grammatical cases. The caller, who I'm sure is a nice person, clearly had no idea what he was talking about. The term "grammatical case" to most Americans produces about the same level of recognition as the term "Czech Republic" which is to say about nil.

Co-Moderator rates lower in learned erudition, I'm afraid. And I mean in his own native language. I noted the following innovative pronounciations:

- Prior to Jesus' time, deserving souls couldn't get in to heaven because Jesus hadn't been there to save them. Instead, they were welcomed into "Abraham's BOOZE-um".

- You want to avoid thoughts that could lead to the opening of a "CHAZ-um" between God and you.

- God handed down the laws to Moses on "Mt. SIGH-nee-ai".

- The "Try-IN-nity" is a mystery to be sure.

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