Two wins to celebrate.

I have no real reason to love Detroit, particularly as they stole the championship from Portland in 1990 by cheating, simply put. And now they have Rasheed Wallace, late of Portland and not missed. But man, watching them demolish L.A. the other day, uh, made my day. You know the kind of overpaid prima donnas who give up and just quit when everything doesn't go their way. Kinda looked that way. And now they're having a tiff, poor dears.

Side note: I do have to admire the bona fide Lakers fan. You are forced to share the label with the sunglasses brigade who come to the games just to get free screen time from the cameraman. Oh look, I'm glad to know that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are in attendance. Nice to see Cuba Gooding. Hey, Will Smith. I wonder what he's working on. Shiver.

And truly great news that Portugal has suffered another humiliation at the hands of a supposedly inferior side. Remember the World Cup? Portugal v. USA, first round. Long shall I remember the pre-game interview with one of the Portuguese in which he casually admitted that they were looking at the match as just practice, that they expected to win by maybe 7-0 or so. Midway through the first half the pricks were down 3-0 and went on to lose. Joy reigned.

Sure wish I was in Prague so I could watch these games. Beats the NBA finals with a stick.

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